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Assembly Ball

Elizabeth Hope Votruba, Felice Davis Mueller, Hope
Lincoln Shiverick and Melanie Anne Stover
(The Assembly Ball)

Grace Marie Fiordalis, Chloe Cullen Emerson,
Morgan Elizabeth Dorsey and Katherine Tara Shaughnessy
(The Assembly Ball)

Eleanor Perry White, Elizabeth Bligh Dorr, Hannah
Elizabeth Smythe and Vanessa Eleanor Mavec
(The Assembly Ball)

Stephanie Noor Andrica, Keeley Sims Hoffman, Katharine Malone Koury and Barbara Patterson Armington (The Assembly Ball)

The Recreation League of Cleveland hosts 2008 Assembly Ball

The Recreation League of Cleveland presented 16 young women and 18 young men, the daughters and sons of its member families, at the 71st Assembly Ball held at The Union Club.
Mrs. Edward Scott Emerson and Mrs. Michael Robert Shaughnessy served as co-chairmen of the Ball that began with Master of Ceremonies Mr. Roger Farnham Rankin introducing Franklin Bourne Floyd III, Douglas Milligan Horner, Jr., Leland Ford Morris and Douglas Howell Smythe as the four Head Ushers who performed the traditional candle lighting ceremony before the introduction of the 14 additional ushers, one in absentia.
Then presented individually, each of the Debutantes, escorted by her father or Presenter, descended the Grand Staircase, its banisters adorned with spheres of flowers, including hydrangeas, delphinium, mini-chrysanthemums and amaryllis. Each of the Debutantes carried a bouquet of muscari and allium secured with aspidistra leaves. The John Petrone Orchestra played during both the formal presentation and the traditional Father-Daughter Dance that was performed following the Debutantes greeting their families and guests in the receiving line.
Floral designer Pieter Bouterse created the stunning decorations that included floral spheres suspended from twin arches spanning the third floor ballroom’s columns entwined with green garlands. Nautilus shells filled with orchids were used on small tables surrounding the dance floor while centerpieces for the dinner featured cylindrical and urn-shaped vases containing an array of flowers in shades of blue, yellow and chartreuse.
Until breakfast at midnight, music for the ball was provided by Alex Donner & The New York Minute.
The Debutantes and their parents were: Stephanie Noor Andrica, Mr. and Mrs. John Dean Andrica; Barbara Patterson Armington, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Edward Armington; Elizabeth Bligh Dorr, Mrs. Timothy James Dorr; Morgan Elizabeth Dorsey, Mr. and Mrs. John William Dorsey; Chloe Cullen Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scott Emerson; Grace Marie Fiordalis, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Fiordalis and Mr. Charles John Fiordalis; Keeley Sims Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. William Andrew Hoffman III; Katharine Malone Koury, Mrs. Cynthia Gardner Koury and Mr. Wayne James Koury; Vanessa Eleanor Mavec, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Van Mavec; Felice Davis Mueller, Mrs. John Maxwell Taylor and Mr. John McKay Mueller; Katherine Tara Shaughnessy, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robert Shaughnessy; Hope Lincoln Shiverick, Mrs. David Allison Osborne, Jr. and Mr. David Gorton Shiverick; Hannah Elizabeth Smythe, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Edward Smythe; Melanie Anne Stover, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Hirth Dimling; Elizabeth Hope Votruba, Mrs. Emily Severance Alexander and Mr. Robert James Votruba; and Eleanor Perry White, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham White III.
The ushers were: Hartley Conn Brody; Ryan Michael Caraboolad; Samuel Stockton Eisele; Thomas James France; Matthew Joseph Gherlein; Charles Flynn Goss; John Severance Hanna; Macauley David Hatch; Robert Lehmann Hoyt; William Kevin McGinty; Alexander Henry Pace; Thomas Andrew Reynolds; David Fitzgerald Stueber and Cooper Wilmot Veysey. STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KATHRYN RIDDLE

Ball chairmen Mrs. Michael Robert Shaughnessy and
Mrs. Edward Scott Emerson (The Assembly Ball)

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