Saturday, August 18th, 2018

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Meet the Models

For this fall fashion preview, I sent out a call for student models from the Kent State University School of Fashion, asking them to submit a selfie along with their predictions for the fall trends. Of course, I had too many great responses from which to choose, but I finally selected three students for modeling. Come the day of the fashion shoot,...

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It’s a mad, mad world today, driven by smartphones, worldwide web

By MARTHA TOWNS Do you ever wonder about the way things are going these days; do you feel you are out of touch with most of society? Join the crowd. I wonder who it is that determines what we should be doing from one moment to the next and who makes everything we once took for granted as part of life look unbearably dated. Who was it that decided t...

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George Clooney’s wedding prompted her to buy ‘People’ magazine

By MARTHA TOWNS Movie stars get married and married and married so often we barely acknowledge the event. But we couldn’t ignore the marriage of George Clooney, the perpetual bachelor and man-about-town. He was married once a long time ago and didn’t feel he made a very good husband so he vowed never to marry again. So we watched him get linked wit...

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We have much to learn from history, and the Roosevelts

By MARTHA TOWNS Ken Burns was a speaker at the Chautauqua Institution this summer and received the reception normally reserved for rock stars. He has been there before and his programs fill the old amphitheater to the brim. There were long lines of people waiting to get in every morning. This year’s appearance was a run-up to the September showing...

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Aging happens naturally, yet we often don’t discuss, prepare for it

By MARTHA TOWNS Maggie Smith, in the “New York Times,” said she didn’t have any problem playing a 90-year-old woman. “I don’t think it was a stretch,” she said. “I’ve been knocking on the door of 90 for a very long time.” Then the story went on to say that they had to age her 14 years with “scant” makeup. That says to me that Maggie Smith is really...

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Cleveland sports teams give fans reason to be excited these days

By MARTHA TOWNS Maybe it’s a good thing this city is so sports-crazy. It gives us something to think about besides all the very bad news from around the world. We were at the Jake (Progressive Field) for Jim Thome night that was an event to warm the cockles of one’s heart. Forget the naysayers who said the statue should have honored someone else. T...

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Ray Shepardson’s dream, vision brought theaters nationwide back to life

By MARTHA TOWNS Those of us who have been around the block a time or two have many memories of going downtown to watch movies. That’s where we saw “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Singin’ in the Rain” (after which we danced in the middle of Euclid Ave. Honest!) I don’t remember when the theaters were shut down but I do remember when they began to live...

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Memories through time of childhood home

By MARTHA TOWNS Having been told that something has been destroyed doesn’t really mean you have to believe it, does it? Some time ago, I was told the house my family lived in before we moved to Chagrin Falls had been torn down. This did not seem possible and, in fact, seemed like a terrible misunderstanding. This wasn’t just an ordinary house...

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Tale of flying the NOT-so-friendly skies

By MARTHA TOWNS If Frank Sinatra were still around to sing, “Come Fly With Me,” I’d want to check first that he had his own plane or was at least planning to go first class on Emirate. Some of you will never know how much fun flying used to be and what an adventure it was. Now the fun is long gone and the adventures are of a different kind —...

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