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Couples take personalized approach to wedding planning

Photograph courtesy of Executive Caterer's at Landerhaven

Photograph courtesy of Executive Caterer’s at Landerhaven


A “wedding wall” of lush fresh flowers, an outdoor tent with chandeliers, cathedral ceiling and windows, lace wedding gowns and bridesmaids in sparkly, mismatched dresses. These are just some of the amazing trends in weddings this season.

Whether it’s clothing, venues, food or reception themes, couples are finding unique choices when it comes to their special day. Browse this list of popular ideas from some top area vendors who are known for “all things wedding!”

Wedding wear

■ Lace wedding gowns continue to be very popular, as well as the classic look of a simple silk sheath and silk ball gowns

■ A gown in a simple design personalized with beautiful accessories

■ Brides love Bling! — from the sparkle of a beaded belt to enhance the waistline on a wedding gown to shoes that are covered in crystals, brides want that WOW factor

■ Romantic long wedding veils and gowns with floral embellishments

■ Sleek and modern wedding gowns with floral embroidery

■ Silk wedding gowns with a cape

■ Satin pant wedding ensembles

■ Crisscross backs and ruffle details

■ Bridesmaid dresses in gunmetal gray, white and ivory

■ Attendant’s dresses with back cutouts, belts, gauzy overlays and one shoulder

■ Floral necklaces

Wedding reception

■ Tented wedding receptions — Get married under or celebrate your reception in a remarkable wedding “tent,” complete with windows to look out into the sky, perfect for outdoor weddings any time of the year

■ Garden weddings, surrounded by flowers and the outdoors

■ Floral wedding walls, depending on how big you make it, can be placed behind the bride and bridegroom at their table, or used in an area where guests have their photos taken. The wall, used by celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is also used by couples as the place in front of which they get married

■ The upside down chandelier cake

■ Candy buffets or confectioner bars

■ DIY food stations and ice cream bars

■ Mini desserts

■ A cream puff tiered wedding cake (instead of cream puffs, use chocolates and truffles!)

■ Gold and silver themed décor or use of pearls in the decor

■ Vintage glamour themes (think Great Gatsby)

■ Colored wedding cakes

■ Unique chair décor, like bows, ties

■ Metallic backdrops

Wedding themes for ceremony/reception/food

■ Weddings with “personal touches,” such as using an airplane propeller as the guest sign-in book (for the bride or bridegroom who is a pilot) or placing baby pictures of the couple on the bathroom doors

■ Kitschy signs for the ring bearer that read “Here comes the bride”

■ Couples exchanging small gifts prior to the ceremony or even opting for a ‘first look’ to see each other before they walk down the aisle

■ Rustic/natural themed reception with sophisticated glamorous accents like branchy centerpieces

■ Choreography! — couples opting for flash mobs, synchronized dances or serenading one another

■ Valentine’s Day I-dos! — All things hearts and red and white roses speak to this theme

■ Beach ceremonies complete with bare feet or flip-flops

■ Seasonal weddings — play up the fall harvest or add a dash of red to an all-white winter ceremony

■ Unplugged weddings — with phone check at the door. Have your guests pay attention to all the detail you put into your special day, not their phones!

■ Brights are back/all white weddings are a thing of the past. Not a rainbow of hues, but rather big pops of bright color make the wedding receptions shine. Take a neutral palette at your venue and add a bold color like poppy, tangerine or indigo blue.

■ Playing music at the reception from the year/decade the couple was born or playing a CD of the couple’s favorite songs

■ Furry friends are taking a front seat at weddings in spotlight roles like ring bearers

■ Give your bridal party play in the wedding program, with lengthy bios and creative titles

■ Urban weddings ­— reserve an urban loft in your favorite metropolis

Simple/elegant décor

■ Crowd-pleasing food with an “upscale twist,” like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! Serve the soup in a cocktail shooter or martini glass with the grilled cheese sandwich like a garnish on the rim.

■ Offer guests late night snacks!

■ Customized menus


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Photograph courtesy of Executive Caterer’s at Landerhaven

Whether it’s clothing, venues, food or reception themes, couples are finding unique choices when it comes to their special day. Browse this list of popular ideas from some top area vendors who are known for “all things wedding!”


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