Sunday, June 24th, 2018

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Discover fall’s finest in this month’s issue of Currents

Kiton cashmere fabric samples from Cuffs in Chagrin Falls.

Kiton cashmere fabric samples from Cuffs in
Chagrin Falls.

It’s our “Fall’s Finest” issue of Currents this month, featuring

some of the finer things in life to enjoy throughout

the season. Who doesn’t love the warmth and softness of

fine quality cashmere? Good for wearing in three seasons,

and guaranteed to last if cared for properly, Susan

Condon Love’s feature on page A6 will give you plenty

of reasons to splurge a little and invest in a sweater, scarf,

sport coat or any item made of cashmere to keep you stylishly

warm this season.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is celebrating several

things this fall — a new director, the completion

of a decade-long building project, its rich history and

its exciting future — with an October 25 gala, themed

around Viktor Schreckengost’s iconic Jazz Bowl, originally

commissioned by Eleanor Roosevelt. It should be

a fabulous event, but if you’re not attending, don’t miss

reading Sarah Jaquay’s informative feature on page A7

about the Museum, the bowl, the new director and more.

In home design and in fashion, there’s nothing more

bold and beautiful, classic, timeless and chic than black

and white. Kathryn Riddle explores why black and

white remains a sound choice for those who prefer a

stylish edge in fashion and design that never goes out

style in any season on page B1.

Cars, vintage or brand new, come to mind when thinking

of fine things. Barry Goodrich talked to several dealers

about luxury SUVs sure to keep you from slipping

and sliding around town and safely in style before we

move into another Northeast Ohio winter on page B4.

Kathryn Riddle talked with the Keno Brothers who recently

served as judges of some rare vintage automobiles

at Concours d’Elegance held at Stan Hywet Hall

in September. Known for their love of fine furnishings

and appraisals on PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow,” the Keno

Brothers also share a love of vintage automobiles, about

which you can read on page B5.

In our education section this month, Cynthia Schuster

Eakin’s feature on page C5 explains the interesting

origins of Case Western Reserve’s beautiful Squire Valleevue

Farm in Hunting Valley, which today is being

utilized as an educational center for students to learn

about sustainability, principles of ecology, environmental

thinking, microbiology, civil engineering and public

health and nutrition.

And finally, our Sensational Senior of the month featured

on page C9 is the one and only Harlan Diamond of

Executive Caterers at Landerhaven, who continues giving

to this community and its people in so many ways,

including Philanthropia, which has raised more than $1

million for area nonprofits since he founded it.

In next month’s issue of Currents, with the beautiful

fall foliage ablaze in color outside my window as I

type, it’s simply hard to believe that we’ll be focused on

getting you ready for the arrival of family, friends and

guests to your home for Thanksgiving and the start of

the holiday season. Enjoy!

Kelli Cotesworth McLellan

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