Monday, July 16th, 2018

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Editors Note April

177While we tackle it only twice a year, nothing beats the fun of planning and producing a fashion issue for Currents! The process, from beginning to end, eventually takes form in the space of just a few pages, but I always wish that our readers could witness what goes on behind the scenes along the way. Oh, the stories we could tell!

A team of us begins planning months ahead of time, guided by our favorite fashionista, Currents’ consultant and stylist Donna Morrow-Alusheff. Armed with a stack of “Women’s Wear Daily” and other fashion publications she researches and marks with yellow post-it notes, Donna arrives at the office for the first of many meetings to illustrate what she’s “thinking about” that might work with the projected fashion trends of the season.
With coffee in hand, we sift through all she presents and begin brainstorming. Where should we photograph? (Our unpredictable Northeast Ohio weather in March doesn’t exactly make it possible for us to pre-select two days for photographing much of anything outdoors!) What are the season’s trends and how should we categorize them for optimal layout and easier reading? What models work best from the proposals we receive —blonde, brunette, or redhead? What props and backdrops might we need to acquire or use to enhance the photography?
Then comes the shopping for just the right clothing and accessories and the shuttling of it all to and from the retailers to the site and/or photographer’s studio — no small task.

The true action and fun begins the day the models arrive, hair coiffed and make-up already applied, carrying their own personal items in tote bags or suitcases, ready to slip into the fashions Donna has selected to fit them. They dress and redress all day long, striking poses in front of the camera as our photographer clicks away, waiting for just that “perfect” shot from the many he takes.
Finally, our creative director and graphic designers work their layout and design magic on the final pages. One last check of the detailed cutlines for each photograph is made, and when all is ready for print, I say, “it’s a wrap” and hope all the effort behind it shows in the final product and is enjoyed by all of you as much as we truly enjoy the teamwork it takes to produce it.

Spring has sprung — make the most of it! Kelli Cotesworth McLellan

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