Monday, July 16th, 2018

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George Clooney’s wedding prompted her to buy ‘People’ magazine


Movie stars get married and married and married so often we barely acknowledge the event.

But we couldn’t ignore the marriage of George Clooney, the perpetual bachelor and man-about-town. He was married once a long time ago and didn’t feel he made a very good husband so he vowed never to marry again. So we watched him get linked with one beautiful woman after another. I had great hopes for Elisabetta, a beautiful Italian woman, and she lasted a couple of years. Did you ever wonder what happened to all the women he left behind? Did they at least get a pair of diamond earrings out of the deal?

Ah, but then he met a woman he couldn’t wait to put a wedding ring on. Not only is Amal Alamuddin as beautiful as any movie star but she is a brilliant human rights lawyer who was born in Lebanon and is based in London. They will live in London and Los Angeles and have vowed never to be apart for more than two weeks. Then there will be the time they spend at the villa on Lake Como. It all sounds dreamy.

George Clooney has never been just another pretty face. He is very involved with international issues like the turmoil in Darfur and the aftermath of the hurricane in Haiti. He uses his money for good. There has always been something terrifically appealing about him. He really seems like a regular guy, if a regular guy had a melting smile and gave you the feeling he really knew how to have fun.

You may well wonder where I got all this information. Why from “People” magazine, of course. It is the only magazine I trust to tell me the truth about celebrities. I used to buy it all the time, for years, but I sort of outgrew the need to live vicariously through the lives of the rich and famous.

But I couldn’t resist the issue of “People” which promised the absolute inside story of the wedding with “25 exclusive, intimate photos and all the romantic details.” I wanted it all. I did note that many of the guests were not boldface names (Clooney is famous for his loyalty to old pals) but that everyone seemed to be having a fabulous time. Hey, a weekend in Venice should always be fabulous.

I loved that his mother and father finally got to see their son tie the knot and that the wedding guests came from more than 20 countries. It truly was an international affair.

What clinched the deal for me to buy the wedding issue was the fact that there was a story and pictures from Prince Albert about his mother, the one and only Grace Kelly. Her wedding really was a fairy tale and she has always been my favorite movie star.

Talk about fairy tale weddings.

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