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Home Design with spring in mind from Home & Garden Show

By Sue Reid and Sali McSherry

Cleveland’s Home and Garden Show, held at the I-X Center, featured exciting, innovative ideas for home and garden design for the spring and summer seasons.

We toured the fabulous Idea Home, designed, built and furnished by Perrino Builders and Interiors, relaxed at the Weaver Barns Vacation Home, and visited the beautiful international-themed gardens that were on display. A stop at the Garden Showcase reaffirmed our hopes that spring was on the horizon.

More than 600 exhibits offered fresh ideas for kitchens and baths, flooring, home building, gardening and landscaping.

With an assignment to find what’s new for 2014, we offer up the following …

Sali …

Children’s Rooms

The Perrino home at the Home & Garden Show showcased a baby’s room which I loved — a dreamy, girly, frilly pink nursery with a hot air balloon-style chandelier and a pink and white pom-pom ceiling. Soft pink walls and simple, classically styled furniture painted white with breezy white muslin window treatments added to the charm.

A bold approach is black over white — whether it’s wallpaper with the alphabet, furniture or paint. Stars, from colorful to metallic silver, are everywhere!

The cleverly decorated “ship’s ahoy” boy’s room at the Perrino home made me want to re-do my 17-year-old son’s room, but I don’t think he’d have any part of that. The navy walls, ocean mural, bright red nightstand, pillows decked out in ship motifs, and a very cool upper balcony, designed as a deck with an anchor and a telescope had me taking notes.

Vintage is another trend worth mentioning — classic and soft but not frilly. Antique picture frames, wallpaper with 1940s-style posies, a wrought iron bed, a grandmother’s quilt, fancy brass lamps and an antique bookcase are elements of a room designed for today’s young girl.

Pops of color like fire-engine red, aqua, purple or leaf green against a pristine white backdrop are an easy way to change the aura of a room without breaking the bank. Spend money on throw pillows, bedding or rugs.

Patterns continue to be popular — whether in wallpaper, an upholstered chair, or a rug.


In general, neutral colors remain steadfast, especially for large-ticket items such as carpet, rugs, sofas and chairs. In kitchens displayed, I noted earthy tones with pops of color like poppy red. Green is still a popular color this year, especially in family and living rooms as accent colors.

The palette of purples — including violet, lavender, eggplant and plum as accent colors are extremely popular this spring for any room and the elegance and sophistication of black and white has a following of its own. Accent colors such as pink, gold and orange are definitely trending this season.

Gardens and water features

Outdoor ornamental water features are popular for spring. Watch for stone walls and classical fountains with a European flair.

When it comes to gardens, anything goes, but creating a friendly wildlife habitat is popular. For instance, grow native, pollen-rich trees and flowers, which provide shelter for insects, birds and bees. Being environmentally thoughtful is on the minds of gardeners — using horse manure instead of chemical fertilizers, composting, and selecting plants that don’t require high water usage.

Herb gardens are so much fun and can add depth to a typical flower or vegetable garden. Making pesto from your own basil garden is so Italian and the herb is so easy to grow. The fragrance of lavender is intoxicating. And fresh mint, which grows like a weed, can be used in tabouli or your sun-brewed tea.

Sue …

Lighting as art

I’m still obsessed with vintage chandeliers, and this year’s show opened my eyes to more variety in lighting options. I may just begin to incorporate a touch of modern into my home. Showcased in metal cages, encased in beads and displayed throughout virtually every room in the home, lights took on designs of their own. In fact, I viewed them as true “art” for the first time.

Bathrooms extraordinaire!

Bathrooms showcased were fabulous and functional. Guest bathrooms featuring luxurious accessories were as stunning as large master baths. Popular this season are showers that offer seamless transition from floor to shower and provide an an open, clean look. Bathtubs caught my eye at the show, ranging from claw foot to modern and futuristic.

Lighting in bathrooms was warm and mirrors stretched from floor to ceiling. The bathrooms were spa-like and welcoming, with rounder fixtures, including the sinks. This is a switch from angular designs of the past, experts at the show noted.

Outdoor living at its finest …

Revival and rejuvenation are what came to mind when viewing the outdoor furnishings on display. It was definitely the finer side of outdoor living, with furnishings complementing beautiful fireplaces and luxurious hot tubs.

Outdoor sectionals were trending as was bar-height dining.

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