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Reassess, refresh, reorganize your living spaces this spring

Reassess, refresh, reorganize your living spaces this spring


    Nothing is more exciting than the promise of springtime, and in honor of its arrival, we are celebrating the “R” in MaRch home design this month. We hope the following ideas offered by area experts will “R”epresent a new beginning for your home and your lifestyle this season.

    Take a moment to look around your home and see what changes might be made to refresh things for the spring and summer season. Or enlist the help of an interior designer!
    I had the pleasure of doing just that with Deborah Nichols of Deborah Nichols Interiors in Chagrin Falls. She visited our century home and offered valuable insight about how to make meaningful changes. She suggested introducing a soft gray paint color for our living room. It not only lightened and richened the space, but allowed us to appreciate our furnishings in a whole new light. Another wonderful suggestion was that the top of an old armoire crammed with children’s shoes and toys might be utilized as a bar area or buffet to serve from at our next dinner party. The shoes and toys are still stored within it, but thanks to her reassessment of the piece, they now are located in tidy, decorative baskets on the bottom shelf.
    Chuck Mosberger of DesignWyse Interiors Inc. in Rocky River, said that a space may work for homeowners at one time, but as life changes and seasons change, they may desire their spaces to take on a whole new look. “In the wintertime, we tend to go to deeper, richer colors,” he said. “In spring, we want lighter colors.”
Noting that not everyone can run out and buy new furnishings, there are some simple changes that speak volumes, like changing accessories or wall décor.
    A gray palette for spring with strong-colored accessories is popular, Mr. Mosberger explained. Try emerald green pillows as an accent. Or change up your drapery treatment by adding a shade in a strong spring tone. “We are working with greens and melon and there are soft oranges and golds that are being used along with greens,” he said. Also, there’s nothing fresher in springtime than white. “Using white on walls is a great basic,” he said. Also, use a light cotton or unlined linen on windows in spring. The use of fresh flowers is an inexpensive way to freshen a room and to add color, he added.

    Perhaps the first space people look to reorganize prior to spring’s arrival is the closet. Experts at California Closets in Cleveland suggest starting with a look at your winter clothes. If there are items you didn’t wear, donate or give them away. Bring in your fresh things, owner Stephanie Antunez advised. “If you buy something new, give something away,” she suggested.
    When reorganizing one’s closet, get shoes off the floor and onto shelves if possible so you aren’t constantly hunting for a mate, Ms. Antunez said. Also, similar-colored items should be grouped together to make them easier to find. “Try to keep everything as visible as possible. If you can’t see it and it is tucked away, you won’t remember it.”
    California Closets offers a free consultation to get started on closet reorganization, whether you have a reach-in or walk in closet. For a smaller, reach-in closet, when you start to double it up and put shelves in it, you are instantly changing the configuration and adding space, she said.
    In larger walk-in closets, California Closets can create dressing rooms. People are now getting rid of dressers and armoires in the bedroom and turning their closets into the place where they get ready, leaving their bedroom as a sanctuary, Ms. Antunez explained.

    At Decorating Den Interiors, designer Kathleen Bliss Goldfarb suggests brightening those tired, drab, dull, ho-hum neutral rooms. Beige, brown or matched sets are a no-no. Instead, add a few pillow covers or a table skirt for a dated table, using even two layers, such as a square over a circle.
    Now look for the perfect whimsical or interest piece at resale stores to repurpose and spray on your favorite glossy color to match your new graphic patterns.
    “Since electronics have advanced so rapidly, there are abundant homeless armoires these days for stuffing all the clutter and then there’s the revival of those tired wicker sets. Give them pops of color to bring springtime into your home.”

    Spring often means going lighter with colors and accessories in your home, even when it comes to your rugs. In fact, when you put a light-colored rug in a room, it makes the room look 30 to 40 percent larger, said Thome Muir at McDhurrie’s in Rocky River.
    “We are seeing a lot of lighter colors,” he said. “A lighter look year-round is what people want.” Light gray-toned rugs are extremely popular and well-received by customers, he noted.
    “Rugs are like artwork,” he explained. “If you get tired of a painting or a print on a wall, you move it to another room. Rugs are the same.”

    Design trends are vast when it comes to construction and the building industry.
    “Homeowners across the country are increasingly demanding more ‘Energy and Resource Efficiency’ and today’s cutting-edge technology was on display at the International Builder’s Show,” according to the Home Builders Association of Greater Cleveland.
    The New American home achieved “emerald” status under the National Green Building Standard. Products such as solar hot water, water sensitive irrigation, tankless hot water heaters and sustainable building materials, among others, were utilized in the design.
    George Davis, president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Cleveland, said that building homes today has become a science, and cutting-edge technology is used. “Today’s homeowner can monitor, manage and control security systems, climate, TVs, music, lighting, shades and much more from their smart phones, tablets and laptops.” OHBA President Al Scott encourages consumers planning to build or remodel today to work with a member of their local HBA as they are professionals who are aware and knowledgeable of all the latest building technologies, housing trends and building codes.

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