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Recreation League of Cleveland hosts its 2009 Assembly Ball

Elizabeth Charlotte Coquillette, Allison Julia Doll, Clara Jane Murfey, Molly Kathleen Gorman and Elizabeth Safir Pinkas (The Assembly Ball)

Riley Elizabeth O’Neill Kundtz, Chandler Wright Wannamaker Salisbury, Camille Bredesen Ames, Anne Farnham Rankin and Anne Victoria Locke (The Assembly Ball)

Leigh Lampel Hillenbrand, Anne Fayssoux Ireland, Elizabeth Ellis Merriman, Robin Claire Anderson and Margot Warren Horner (The Assembly Ball)

Ball co-chairmen Mrs. William Hollis Coquillette and Mrs. Todd William Locke (The Assembly Ball)

Recreation League of Cleveland hosts its 2009 Assembly Ball

    The Recreation League of Cleveland presented 15 young women and 21 young men, the daughters and sons of its member families, at the 72nd Assembly Ball at The Union Club.
    Mrs. William Hollis Coquillette and Mrs. Todd William Locke were co-chairmen of the ball, its formal presentation beginning with master of ceremonies Mr. John William Dorsey introducing the four Head Ushers. Alexander William Locke, John Gates Merriman, Charles Lynn Shiverick and Dickson Loos Whitney III performed the traditional candle lighting ceremony prior to the introduction of the additional 17 ushers. Then each of the debutantes, presented individually and carrying lush bouquets of pink Hot Lady roses tied with chartreuse organdy ribbons, descended the Grand Staircase, escorted by her father or presenter. The John Petrone Orchestra played during the formal presentation as well as for the traditional Father-Daughter First Dance preceded by the debutantes greeting their families and guests in the receiving line in the third floor ballroom.
    Stunning arrangements of flowers, in addition to the profusion of roses, included amaranthus, cymbidium orchids, longeflorum lilies, and ranunculus, were created by floral designer Pieter Bouterse. Bubble vases filled with orchids were suspended from lighted arches spanning the spaces between the columns in the ballroom, ethereal with soft theatrical lights. Pale jade green Fortuny-inspired taffeta cloths covered the dinner tables, each with its own distinctive floral centerpiece.
    The Alex Donner & The New York Minute played music for dancing at the ball that concluded with breakfast at midnight.
    The debutantes and their parents were: Camille Bredesen Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scott Ames; Robin Claire Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Chace Anderson; Elizabeth Charlotte Coquillette, Mr. and Mrs. William Hollis Coquillette; Allison Julia Doll, Mr. and Mrs. David Aubrey Doll; Molly Kathleen Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marrott Gorman; Leigh Lampel Hillenbrand, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alan Hillenbrand; Margot Warren Horner, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Milligan Horner; Anne Fayssoux Ireland, Mrs. Leigh Haskell Perkins and Mr. James Duane Ireland III; Riley Elizabeth O’Neill Kundtz, Mr. and Mrs. John Matthew Kundtz; Anne Victoria Locke, Drs. Todd William and Susan Locke; Elizabeth Ellis Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gates Merriman III; Clara Jane Murfey, Mr. and Mrs. Latham Warner Murfey III; Elizabeth Safir Pinkas, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul Pinkas; Anne Farnham Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Farnham Rankin; and Chandler Wright Wannamaker Salisbury, Mr. and Mrs. David Wright Salisbury.
    The ushers were: Arthur John Althans III; William Vernon Biggar, Jr.; Charles Howard Bolton; Brett Andrew Carr; Reid Hendershott Chisholm; Charles Reilly Clark; Thomas William Gross; Peter Spencer Hitchcock; Gordon Blakistone Hughes, Jr.; Samuel Powell Lincoln; Frederick Daniel McLaughlin VI; William Allen Miller-Little; Reginald Parker Shiverick; Steven Allen Siemborski; Quentin Ware Smith; Hunter Talbott White; and Thomas Tobin Whitney. STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY KATHRYN RIDDLE

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