Friday, July 20th, 2018

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Splurge by investing in quality cashmere for the upcoming seasons


There are many reasons to welcome fall.

For the fashion conscious, there is great reason to celebrate Mother Nature’s march toward winter — switching to your fall wardrobe and replenishing it with a few carefully selected splurges! And one of the best ways to indulge your chilly self is with a fabric that is the epitome of timeless fashion — cashmere.

“Cashmere is always, always in fashion,” said Virginia Marti Veith, president and founder of Virginia Marti College of Art & Design. “Just the feeling of the fabric is incredible. It is soft, luxurious and warm. The great thing about cashmere is that it can be worn three out of the four seasons.”

“You will know if the cashmere is good quality if it comes out of Italy, China or the Middle East. These countries have mills specifically for the weaving of cashmere and have been doing it for a very long time,” added Mrs. Veith.

To understand the unique properties of cashmere garments or accessories, it’s important to understand the story behind this unique fabric. Cashmere is a specialty hair fiber found from a Cashmere (Kashmir) or down goat, found on the high plateaus of Asia. Most cashmere comes from China, Mongolia and Tibet. Today, very little of the world’s supply of cashmere is from the Kashmir Province in India, from which the name is derived.

While it is a “renewable resource,” it is considered a luxury because it takes the fleece of more than two goats for a two-ply sweater, and from four to six cashmere goats for a sports jacket. The animal hair fibers are collected during molting season when the animal naturally sheds. The hair is extremely warm to protect goats from cold mountain temperatures. The fibers are easily constructed into fine or thick yarns, and light to heavy weight fabrics.

“Cashmere is luxurious and fashionable and is also a durable and practical investment,” said Karl Spilhaus, President of Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute. Mr. Spilhaus was taking time out of a trip to Hong Kong for the Cashmere World Fair to discuss the wonders of cashmere. “Cashmere travels well and doesn’t wrinkle. It offers great insulation, is warm in the winter and cool in the spring. Cashmere is long-lasting; it actually becomes softer with age and rarely pills after being worn and washed. It should last a lifetime.”

Cashmere sport coat available at Cuffs

Cashmere sport coat available at Cuffs

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