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The Recreation League hosts its 74th annual Assembly Ball

Emily Margreth Ettinger, Remy Fontaine Steinhilber,
Lydia Andrews Colvin, Jennifer Dara Huang and
Courtney Anne Dumas
(The Assembly Ball)

Andrea Tabler Seifert, Natalie Katherine Carlson Pike,
Daniella Alexa Mitchell, Catherine Ann Pace and
Martha Scott Gilchrist
(The Assembly Ball)

Chase O’Connell Healey, Kathryn Lum Hillenbrand, Helen Scott Stanley, Helen Cleary Patterson and Madeline Singer Horner
(The Assembly Ball)

 The Recreation League hosts its 74th annual Assembly Ball

                By KATHRYN RIDDLE

    The Recreation League of Cleveland presented 15 young women and 13 young men, the daughters and sons of its member families, at the 74th annual Assembly Ball.
    Mrs. Eric Alan Hillenbrand and Mrs. Richard Yost Pace served as co-chairmen of the ball traditionally held at The Union Club. Master of ceremonies, Mr. William Andrew Eisele, began the presentation with the introduction of the four head ushers who were Charles Howard Bolton, Brett Andrew Carr, Charles Edward Hermann and Hunter Talbott White. They performed the candle-lighting ceremony prior to the introduction of the 13 remaining young men, who then flanked the grand staircase before the formal presentation individually of each of the debutantes escorted by her father. The John Petrone Orchestra performed music for the presentation and later for the traditional First Dance of fathers with their daughters after the debutantes greeted their families and guests in the receiving line they formed in the third-floor ballroom.
    Don Vanderbrook, Inc. created a floral design reminiscent of Monet’s Giverny Gardens that included lush pink peonies with pale green hypericum berries tied with French Midori ribbons for the debutante’s bouquets. Lavender-hued wisteria was used lavishly on an arbor at the top of the grand staircase, its marble balustrades festooned with garlands of smilax and newel posts adorned with mass arrangements of roses, hydrangeas and peonies. A replica of Monet’s water lily paintings served as the orchestra backdrop in the ballroom. Following dinner, the Cityscape Orchestra of Pittsburgh played for dancing for the ball.
    The debutantes and their parents were: Lydia Andrews Colvin, Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Colvin; Courtney Anne Dumas, Mr. David Michael Dumas and Dr. Susan Dakin Dumas; Emily Margreth Ettinger, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robert Ettinger; Martha Scott Gilchrist, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Comey Gilchrist; Chase O’Connell Healey, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gerard Healey; Kathryn Lum Hillenbrand, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alan Hillenbrand; Madeline Singer Horner, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Milligan Horner; Jennifer Dara Huang, Dr. Suber S. Huang and Dr. Cynthia Huang; Daniella Alexa Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. John Stephen Mitchell; Catherine Ann Pace, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yost Pace; Helen Cleary Patterson, Dr. Brendan Moloney Patterson and Dr. Elizabeth Nash Patterson; Natalie Katherine Carlson Pike, Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Albert Pike; Andrea Tabler Seifert, Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Seifert; Helen Scott Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred James Victor Stanley; and Remy Fontaine Steinhilber, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Robert Steinhilber.
    The ushers were: James Turner Austin; William Graham Bolton; Ian Hamilton Conn Brody; Kevin Downing Callahan; George Russell Chapman; William Edward Colvin, Jr.; Edward Scott Emerson, Jr.; Samuel Snowden Naylor; Charles Canton Oliva; Brooks Charles Pinnick II; Robert Powers Vail; Michael Reigle Wagner, Jr.; and Jackson Wright Weidenkopf.


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